7 Smart Travel Knowledge That Will Save You Money When You Book

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Money Saving Tips for Travel

It is exciting to make a plan for upcoming vacation not knowing exactly what might going to happen.  Ever since the beginning of civilization, the humans have been traveling to seek a frontier, reach destinations, trade merchandise, or just have some fun.  The travel spending in the US is totaled $1,036 billion in 2017 [1].  We spend a lot of money for traveling and always look for something little more affordable.  Here are some money saving tips for travel


Save Money Before You Travel

This particular money saving tips for travel is based on the date you book and date you travel.  The date you book flight and accommodation could drastically affects the price you pay.  Booking processes are predominantly done by internet these days.  People normally use internet to seek cheap deal.  It’s not a bad thing at all but you need to keep few things in your mind to get around the system wisely.  One of characteristics of money saving tips for travel is a timing.


1. Cache and Cookies

The Cookies are file(s), which contain a piece of information sent from website to your computer.  It stores information such as what websites you visited in the past, what you clicked, shopping cart information for retail website, and so on.  They can know which bank you visited, what destination you’re looking for to travel, what traveling websites you’re using and what type of hotels, flights, and their price ranges you’re looking for.  Once you visit the certain website they store your information, and may show you higher rates for exactly the same itinerary because the multiple website visits statistically suggest the increased interest of consumer who are willing to accept the higher rates.  In order to prevent this from happening, close your browser and clear all browser history and cookies then make fresh “first visit” to booking websites.


2. The Worst Time to Book

One of the worst time to book flight and hotel is during Thanksgiving weekend Wednesday through Monday.  Because that’s when people are home and make plans for the end of year trip.  Also people tend to think booking earlier saves money than later.  The rates for both hotels and flights will be spiked drastically especially for touristy destinations.  Wait until following week.


3. The Best Time to Book

As indicated above, the worst time to book flight is when many other people are also trying to book.  There is no single time frame for the best time to book flights but the fares on Tuesday and Wednesday tend to be lower than other days.  On the other hand, the fares on Thursday through Saturday tend to be higher.  It’s good idea to check your target date of flight in few weeks in advance and observe how it changes.  Again, we are talking about the day you book.  You may wonder is there any better time of the day to book?  It seems like the price of flight starts to go down at 2:00 am and bottoms around 5:00 am according to skyscanner.com [2].  Booking around 5:00 am seems to have a higher potential for saving.


4. Airports

Flights from and to major airports offer lower fares since the traffic is more competitive.  In contrast, the flights between regional airports offer higher fares.  In addition, the flights between the airline’s hub airports provide more affordable rates since they already have good amount of traffic between them.  Thus, instead of flying directly to the destination, getting through hub airports of airline that you are flying may give you a better deal.  It involves with one or multiple layovers but if you are budget conscious, it’s worth of comparing and also it is more likely to have empty seats (not always).


5. The Date You Travel

Another money saving tips for travel is that the best time to travel varies depends on the destination.  For instance, Washington D.C., the hotel rates for weekdays while the congress in session are normally very high.  On the other hand, the rates for weekends especially while the congress is in recess are normally much lower than other days except travel season during summer.  Due to high presence of business travelers, the airfares go higher for those flights on Monday and Friday.

In contract, for Las Vegas, NV, the weekend rates are much higher than weekdays.  When Vegas hosts a fight night for boxing title match, concert for a big artist, or big convention, there is a big spike on the hotels rates.


6. Cheapest Time to Travel

In general, the period between right after Thanksgiving weekend and few days before Christmas is a sweet spot.  Both hotels and airfares make a great discount since the demand peaks between few days before Christmas and the first weekend of new year.  In 2017 holiday season, 107.3 million people were planned to travel between December 23, 2017 to January 1, 2018 [3] according to AAA.  That is a generous number of travelers for just in little more than 2 weeks.


7. The Day of Flight

Normally, Sunday and Fridays are more expensive and Tuesday and Wednesday are less expensive to fly.  The rush hour at the airport takes place about the same time when the traffic gets uneasy.  It may take more time to pass the security.  The early morning flight before 7:00 am is typically less crowded and more likely see the cheapest flight of the day.



The money saving tips for travel is to observe how the rates are changed based on variable factors.  Also what’s going on at the destination may affect the rates, whether it’s known for leisure or business destination.  The price for travel is very intriguing because you may end up paying a lot more or less for exactly the same hotel and flight depends on how and when you book.  These tips could save you hundreds of dollars if you get around wisely.




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