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Target can’t keep up with its customers’ changing shopping habits
Target wasn’t ready for how quickly its US customers would change their shopping habits in 2022.  Earlier in the pandemic, locked-down Americans flush with cash from government stimulus checks invested heavily in upgrading their houses.

ReutersKannaki Deka and Nilanjana Basu in Bengaluru / April 29, 2022
U.S. auto sales to fall in April on tight inventories, rising rates – data (April 27)
U.S. retail sales of new vehicles in April could fall 23.8% to 1.1 million units from a year earlier, according to a report released by the consultants on Wednesday.

Kelley Blue Book
Kelley Blue Book / Jan. 11, 202
New-vehicle average transaction prices (ATPs) increased further into record territory in December 2021 to reach $47,077
According to new data released today by Kelley Blue Book. Prices are sharply elevated from last year, up nearly 14% ($5,742) from December 2020 and up 1.7% ($808) month over month. New-vehicle inventory levels remain tight, and with sufficient consumer demand, dealers continue to hold prices at or above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

Leslie Cook  
/ May 19, 2022
Is Now a Good Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?
In general, if you can reduce your rate by about 0.75 percentage points or more (from 6.25% to 5.5%, for example), you should save enough on your monthly payments to breakeven on closing costs in a few years.

independent Vishwam Sankaran / May 24, 2022
Climate change to significantly reduce amount of sleep people get, study warns
About 50-58 hours of sleep per person could be eroded every year by 2099 because of changing ambient temperatures and suboptimal temperatures due to the global climate crisis, said the new study published last week in the journal One Earth by scientists including those from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.


Scientific American Anne C. Mulkern, E&E News / May 23, 2022
California Faces Summer Blackouts from Climate Extremes
For the next five summers, extreme heat and other climate change impacts will threaten the reliability of California’s electrical grid, state officials said Friday.

NOAA ResearchNOAA Research / May 23, 2022
Greenhouse gas pollution trapped 49% more heat in 2021 than in 1990, NOAA finds
Greenhouse gas pollution caused by human activities trapped 49% more heat in the atmosphere in 2021 than they did in 1990, according to NOAA scientists.

Science News
Betsy Ladyzhets / MAY 5, 2022 
How much does eating meat affect nations’ greenhouse gas emissions?
The food we eat is responsible for an astounding one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities, according to two comprehensive studies published in 2021.

Smithsonian Magazine Jason Daley / May 8, 2018
Your Summer Vacation Is a Carbon Emissions Nightmare
The study found that the tourism industry emits 4.5 gigatonnes of equivalent carbon dioxide​ each year, and that number is growing. In 2009, the team estimates tourism emissions were 3.9 gigatons. By 2025, if things continue at pace, the industry will produce 6.5 gigtons.

Cataract Surgery ©NPR
Cataract Surgery Procedure
Cataract Surgery is the removal of a clouded lens and injection of IOL (intraocular lens), a synthetic lens into the eye.


Cost of Living Increase 2022 Part 2

On March 10th, 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics published that the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.8 percent in February on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.6 percent in January. The CPI for all items increased 7.9 percent year-over-year in February before seasonal adjustment. The rate of inflation […]

Cost of Living Increase in 2022

The seasonally adjusted CPI (consumer price index) from October 2020 to October 2021 for all items for the U.S. city average in the U.S. is increased by 6.24%. This is a very rapid increase. The CPI from December 2019 to December 2020 increased by 1.30%. The average (mean) of December-to-December annual CPI increase between 2011 […]

Why Cheese is a Waste of Money

Why Cheese is a Waste of Money Are you still spending a fortune on the cheese?  How much are you spending on cheese? $7.99 lb, $10.99 lb or even $12.99 lb?  If you go to a grocery store, you may notice there a whole section dedicated for cheese.  There are wide variety of selection.  You might think […]
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