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Types of Interviewer that you may encounter during job interview

You may have had a little exciting moment when you get a call or email from your potential employer for the job that you applied for. They want to schedule to have an initial screening to know more about your qualification. But all the sudden, you get turned off because the person you just spoke to gave you a negative impression. The job interview is full of enigma. Here are the common types of interviewer you may interface during job interview. If you didn’t get moved forward, that’s not your fault and nothing to do with your capability.

Snobby Lady/Gentleman

This person brings something positive about this company more than necessary. It gives you an idea that you need to nod what they are talking about. If you don’t, it might give them an impression about that you are not enthused about joining the company. They just want to brag about what they do. It won’t happen once you join the company.

Incomprehensive Person

The person who won’t be able to comprehend what you just said. For instance, they ask you questions that you just answered. You will have hard time understanding what this person’s intention is and why this person won’t be able to understand. This person may be taking notes but since they are not comprehending what you are talking about, the information gone through this person is going to be deceptive.

Subjective Questioner

The person only asks subjective questions. For instance, “what’s your message to CEO of this company”. How is that possible for the interviewer to answer question like this at the early stage of interviewing? Because anything you can think of goes no further than something generic. It doesn’t essentially address anything. After you join the company, you can see exactly how the work is performed and possibly be able to find an area of improvement. Another instance is “what’s your management style?”. This question also doesn’t really carry information. First of all, what is management style? Who defined that? and how is it defined? There are myriad of ambiguity regarding this question and just invalid to ask question like this to someone. They don’t know what they’re asking about.

Another example is “how do you network with your client?” Your immediate thought is “what do you mean by networking”? social media? phone call? email? or chat? So how one’s “networking” process which doesn’t exist is different than other’s, how is that going to affect this job? If this interviewer is asking about the communication method, the answer would be whatever the best way to communicate with the client regardless of your preference. Therefore, asking question like this is totally pointless and useless.

Don’t know what they’re doing

The person who’s just reading the questionnaire script given by someone and taking the notes. This often accompanies with incomprehensive personality. The notes that they are taking may not be something that reflects your quality. The information that this person can collect and document is very minimal and often becomes misleading by the time it’s passed to the person who asked this interviewer to talk to you. This person is mechanically digesting the task of conducting screening and passing information one to another. Even if you ask a question, this person won’t be able to answer your question in detail. You don’t get any definitive answer.


Low energy, don’t have motivation to answer your question. When you ask a question, the answer is minimal. The person like this won’t even try to find the answer for you even though it takes perhaps less than a minute to find out. It is truly a shame to see such an attitude and they don’t even realize it. They don’t show any curiousness about the position that you’re applying to. This person also doesn’t demonstrate the knowledge about the position or company.

Don’t let these types of Interviewer discourage you

These types of interviewer sometimes show more than one trait. You will see when they exhibit such a quality. When you see these types of people, that’s not your fault and you don’t have control over it. Just don’t let what happened discourage you. You are much more capable. You deserve much better life.

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