Things You Should Not Do On The Airplane

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Things You Should Not Do On The Airplane

Flying is already hassle, catch up the ride to the airport, check bag in if there is any, get the boarding pass and ID ready, get through the security screening, walking towards the gate and waiting and waiting.  After that, head to the jet bridge according to your seating priority, find the seat and get settled.  You might find some relieve after that.  But as always, there is a potential that you will encounter something you don’t want it happen.  Your flight experience is influenced by the type or class of seat but also the behavior of other passengers.  Here are things you should never be doing on an airplane.

1. Putting Feet on the Armrest (or Anywhere Else)

Things You Should Not Do On The Airplane
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It’s hard to understand that people still would do that.  It’s a big NO NO.   Not only it is disturbing to others but also contaminating the armrest.  The sole of shoes should be nowhere except floor.  If you do, good chance you are going to be on the internet in these days.

2. Crossing Legs Exceeding Your Space

Things You Should Not Do On The Airplane
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Cross leg over another may not be too bad if you keep your leg and foot within your seat space and shoe sole is directly facing down.  The passenger next to you are forced to avoid contacting your foot or shoe sole.

3. Spilling Beverage on the Other Passenger’s Seat

Things You Should Not Do On The Airplane
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First, you shouldn’t be bringing your own beverage in the paper cup to the airplane.  By the time you get seated, good chance you splash or spill the content a little.  It’s going to end up with someone else’s seat, belongings or someone else. If it’s not water, the smell of beverage remains after that.  You don’t need bring any additional beverage on the airplane.  Perhaps, if you need to bring something to drink, the best manner is to bring the plain water in the closed and sealed container and carefully drink it when it reaches to the cruising altitude.  Most of domestic flight is less than 6 hours and you can hydrate yourself before and after the flight.  Most of all, many airlines serve beverages during the flight.  Otherwise, you are making yourself more likely to go.

4. Not Following Regulations

Things You Should Not Do On The Airplane
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The cell phones and mobile devices must be turned off or airplane mode and electronics devices larger than size of phone must be stowed while planes at 10,000 feet or lower altitude [1].  It is a FAA guidelines that you shall follow.  It’s not only for you but others’ safety.  Don’t let your ignorance hurt someone else.

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