Here's what smart rich people really do with their nest egg

By Most people think they're above average in intelligence, relationship status and professional achievement. Social scientists call this "illusory superiority." My business partner Scott Puritz, has found the one area where even above-average people, objectively smart, rich, successful professionals, seem to wave the white flag and admit to not understanding - money and investing.

The Stock Market Is Having Its Worst Year in a Decade. Here's What to Do Now, Depending on Your Age

The market has gotten awfully rocky. Here's what pros say you should do.

Millions of Uninsured People Could Get $0 Premium Obamacare Health Insurance-With a Catch

However, zero dollar premiums are for bronze plans with high deductibles, which could leave you with a big bill if you get very sick.

The Dow jumps 400 points as stocks recover from sell-off | Markets Insider

Stocks jumped Thursday as Wall Street recovered from a sell-off that wiped out 2018 gains. Strong earnings results helped lift technology companies that had dragged on indices Wednesday. On Wednesday, the major averages wiped out their gains for the year. US stocks made a comeback Thursday, a day after the major averages wiped out their gains for the year.

5 hot spots you can fly to on the cheap in January

The best months to travel are right after the "traditional" vacation periods end, according to search site Hipmunk. In other words, when kids head back to school after New Year's, airfares drop. Here's where to find flight bargains in January.

Mortgage applications rise 1.6% as interest rates drop to lowest level since September

December may be a slow month traditionally for the housing market, but mortgage lenders are suddenly getting busier. A sharp drop in interest rates drove mortgage application volume up 1.6 percent last week compared with the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

This map shows where Americans are struggling to repay their car loans

People of color struggle more than their white neighbors to repay their car loans. In St. Joseph, Indiana, for example, 27 percent of people in predominantly nonwhite ZIP codes are delinquent on their auto debt, compared with just 3 percent in predominantly white ZIP codes.

The majority of Americans did not get a pay raise this year

By Although the economy saw new peaks in 2018, not all Americans reaped the benefits. The majority of workers saw no salary increases this year, according to a new survey.. More than 60% of Americans said they didn't get a pay raise at their current job or get a better-paying job in the last 12 months, according to a survey released Wednesday from finance site

Americans shelled out $3.5 trillion on health care last year, but growth in spending slows

Justin Sullivan | Getty Images Americans shelled out $3.5 trillion on health care last year, or $10,739 per person, but the increase in spending slowed to a pace not seen since 2013 - before Congress expanded the Affordable Care Act.

How to Retire in Germany

Germany has become a popular destination for American retirees due to its reasonable costs, excellent healthcare system and well-kept infrastructure. The weather may not be on the level of Thailand or Portugal, but if you don't mind some chilly winters, ... Continue reading → The post How to Retire in

What Is the Average Savings Account Balance? - SmartAsset

Most of us rely on financial instruments to keep our savings safe, but it can be hard to know if you're saving enough. Evaluating the average savings account balance across the country is a good start.

Average Retirement Savings: Are You Normal? - SmartAsset

Around half of American households have no retirement accounts at all. No 401(k)s, no IRAs, nothing. You might think that's because they're all expecting pension income in retirement. In fact, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), around 29% of households age 55 and older have neither retirement savings nor a pension.

What Job Hunters Should Expect in 2019

Don't rely only on digital job boards to learn about great career opportunities in 2019. If you're starting to think about looking for a new job, there are new protocols and "rules" to learn before dropping your resume on every online job board. Although the job market is in your favor, employers still dictate the process.

Get a bigger monthly check by using these Social Security claiming strategies

Many American workers plan to rely on Social Security benefits as a steady source of income in retirement. Yet if you are not on top of things, you are at risk for not using the right claiming strategy. And if that happens, you could leave thousands of dollars on the table over your lifetime.

Is the UltraFICO Score Good or Bad for Consumers?

Is the UltraFICO Score Good or Bad for Consumers? When new credit scores are revealed, it shakes up the credit world a little bit. The new UltraFICO score is no exception. In fact, this score is so different, it has the attention of consumers and just about every credit expert (raising my hand) on the planet.

6 ways you can avoid going broke this holiday

Have any year-end money questions to help you get on track for 2019? On Wednesday, 12/12, we're hosting a LIVE Q&A with money experts. Email us your questions here or submit them using this form. Get this: over 39 million Americans are still paying off their credit card balances from last year's holiday season.

3 holiday shopping scams to watch out for

Consumers are expected to bump up their spending to an average of $1,007, totaling $720 billion - which is up 4% from last year, according to projections from the National Retail Federation . But thieves are constantly coming up with creative ways to steal your money and/or your identity, so shoppers should be on alert.

Interest Rates: Definition, Types and Why They're So Important

In the world of finance, the interest rate plays a huge role on both sides of a deal, and with big ramifications for both parties. Learning all you can about interest rates and how they work can give you a leg up in a financial deal, whether you're the one extending the money or you're the one borrowing it.

'If you can't beat the market, how did Warren Buffett do it?' and 7 other questions to ask during a volatile stock market

By Financial advisers can do a lot of good. They can stop you making stupid decisions. They can stop you panicking. They can pressure you to budget better, get the right insurance, make and stick to longer-term plans, and do important things like keeping an up-to-date will.

Refinancing Your Home: A Beginner's Guide

Unless there is some sort of emergency financial need, most homeowners don't think about refinancing their home. They may be making their monthly payments on time with no problems, and are making occasional improvements to their property to increase its value and build equity (which by the way is part and parcel to the reasons for refinancing).

Retirement Saving Should Take Priority Over Paying For Kids' College

Just take the middle-aged couple facing a financial double-whammy, with few dollars saved to put their children through college and little if any money banked for retirement. For financial planners, it is an increasingly common scenario, with college maybe the only thing Americans do as bad a job of saving for as retirement.